29 Jan 2023 (Sun.) / Victoria Concert Hall

The Modern Chopin

Event Details

At the Modern Chopin concert, Dr Poom Prommachart proudly presents Chopin’s 24 Preludes Op. 28 and Chopin’s Sonata No. 3.

The 24 Preludes in Chopin's Op. 28 cycle cover both major and minor keys. Originally published in 1839, Chopin himself never played more than four of the preludes at any single public performance. Each of Chopin’s Prelude stands as self-contained units, each conveying a specific idea or emotion. Liszt described Chopin's Preludes as poetic, analogous to those of a great contemporary poet, who cradles the soul in golden dreams. Musicologist, Henry Finck said that "if all piano music in the world were to be destroyed, excepting one collection, my vote should be cast for Chopin's Preludes. Scholar Jeffrey Kresky has argued that Chopin's Op. 28 is more than the sum of its parts. Dr. Poom will take on the challenge of bringing all 24 Preludes to Singapore. This is a rare experience not to be missed.

Sonata No. 3 portrays a heroic theme and is regarded as the composer's most difficult piano composition - both musically and technically. Unlike the composer's first and second sonatas, this work ends in a major key.  It is emotionally extremely rich, and in that respect one of the greatest piano sonatas written. This piece requires rich playing and Dr Poom intends to interpret it to reveal more as one hears it.
In his capacity as a musician and an educator, Dr. Poom will give more explanations about the Preludes and Sonata during the concert. He wishes to give everyone a tranquil and educational experience. Oh, and Dr. Poom is quite comedic too.
MODERN CHOPIN - Piano Recital by Dr. Poom Prommachart
29th January 2023 | SGD48 onwards | Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore
Dr. Poom Prommachart received his Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, and Artist Diploma at the Royal College of Music in London on a full scholarship sponsored by The Late Princess of Thailand. He went on to obtain the most prestigious Tagore Gold Medal which was handed to him by His Majesty King Charles III, King of the United Kingdom.
In 2022, Dr Poom was awarded the ‘Rector’s List of Honour for the Most Exceptional Graduates’ from the University of Montreal’s Doctor of Music programme. He is currently a Steinway Artist, an Assistant Professor at the University College Fairview and  the Brand Ambassador of Kaimirra Tutan, an international rare gemstones jewellery brand.

For more information, please visit www.pianoislandfestival/events/themodernchopin

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