29 Apr 2023 (Sat.) ~ 30 Apr 2023 (Sun.) / Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium, Level 9

新加坡派同学会 Singapore Pie Alumni Reunion Concert

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A unique all Singaporean male singers taking on each other for a night of song challenge.

Thomas Teo, who lives in seclusion, rarely shows up on stage. Under the sincere invitation of Dream Nation, he finally making a return after five years, to showcase his amazing vocal to his long-awaited fans. One of our very own top singer songwriter Jimmy Ye, will be performing a brand-new song list for the very first time. Allan Moo will take on Thomas Teo, Jimmy Ye, and Marcus Lee on the stage, with hit songs by local composers that top all the mandarin pop music charts internationally. A local singer songwriter of the new era, Marcus Lee, will be doing his tribute to the Kings and Queens of Mandopop.

Four Singaporean Male Singers, Music Students of different ages, coming together for a reunion on stage for a special show to salute Singapore Music. They will hold a 120-minute music feast at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) at 7:30 p.m. on April 29th and 30th. A 100% brand new music showcase for music lovers of the golden era. Come & join us for a tribute night to Singapore Chinese Music and Performers.


Next Up-And-Coming Concert: Heartfelt Concert

Concert 1 - Fang Wu

From a super idol to the release of his first creative album, the first wave of the title song "Accumulated Loneliness" is paired with the episodes of the TV series "The Pursuit of Happiness" and "My Sunshine" with a total of more than 20 million digital clicks, and a personal tour. As a singer of the new generation born in the 90s, whether it is singing, personality, or creation, she is highly recognized, and even the media is competing to report that she is the next Cheer Chen! Let's listen to this talented woman who is excellent in singing, composing and guitar playing, Fang Wu.

Concert 2 - Zhuang Juan Ying (Ball)

You know her, maybe as lead singer of the band. Now I will introduce Zhuang Juan Ying to you again. Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Astrologer, Flower Essence Healer, Lecturer, Podcaster. In 2007, she debuted with the band - KatnCandix2. As a band, she was shortlisted for Golden Melody Award 3 times, and released 4 albums and 5 EPs. After 2013, she released 2 albums, 4 EPs, and 8 singles. In addition to music, she participated in film, television, stage performances and hosting. With experience in hundreds of performances, she has repeatedly performed in venues with thousands of attendees. Because of her unique voice and the charm of live performances, she has won many fans and has become a mezzo female voice that must be heard. Now let's get to know each other again, Zhuang Juan Ying.

Heartfelt Concert 1 & 2 will be at the Esplanade Recital Studio, on 6th April 2023 (Thursday) and 7th April 2023 (Friday) at 7:30pm. Early Bird Pre-Sale Ticket at $98 and Public Sale Ticket at $128. Early Bird Presale Ticket open from 11 am on 13th February 2023 (Mon), Public on Sale Open from 11am on 27th February 2023 (Mon). Tickets on sale now on ticketmaster.sg. For more details, please check (Dream Nation 梦田国度) official social platform.

新加坡派同学会 (姜鄠, 叶良俊, 巫奇, 李俊纬)


深居简出的姜鄠,很少在舞台上露面,在梦田国度的诚意邀请下,终于在五年后重回舞台再展歌艺。新加坡创作派男歌手叶良俊,带来从未曝光的歌单。实力派唱将巫奇将在台上与姜鄠,叶良俊,李俊纬 PK 天王天后的歌曲。新生代男歌手李俊纬唱出他致敬的天王天后曲目。



走心音乐会 1 - 吴汶芳

从超级偶像,到发行个人首张创作专辑,首波主打歌《孤独的总和》搭配着电视剧《爱的生存之道》、《何以笙箫默》插曲数位总点击超过2000万次, 举办个人巡演. 身为90后新生代歌手,无论是歌声,特质,创作都备受肯定,更被媒体竞相报导是下一个陈绮贞!一起来聆听这位 唱,作,弹俱佳的才女,吴汶芳.

走心音乐会 2 - 莊鹃瑛 (小球)

你认识她可能是乐团主唱. 现在就带你重新认识莊鹃瑛. 歌手、演员、词曲作者、占星师、花精疗愈师、讲师、podcaster。2007年以乐团「棉花糖katncandix2」出道,团体期间三度入围金曲奖,共发行4张专辑、5张EP,2013年后自己发行两张专辑、4张EP、8首单曲,除了音乐作品也参与电影、电视、舞台剧演出与节目主持. 拥有百场演出经验,屡屡在千人场地演出,因独有声线与现场演出魅力掳获许多铁粉,成为这辈子必须要听的中音女声. 现在让我们重新认识, 莊鹃瑛.

走心音乐会 1 与 走心音乐会 2 将在 4 月6日 (星期六) 与 4 月7日 (星期日)晚上7点30分于滨海艺术中心音乐室(Esplanade Recital Studio) 举行。预售门票为$98, 可在2月 13日(一)上午11点优先购票。公开门票为$128, 可在2月 27日(一)上午11点公开发售。将于www.ticketmaster.sg 公开发售,也可通过新加坡邮政 (SingPost) 或是拨打订票热线3158 8588购票!欲知更多演出详情,请上(Dream Nation 梦田国度)官方社交平台查询。

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