11 Sep 2022 (Sun.) / Singapore Indoor Stadium

Eric Chou 周兴哲 《Odyssey 旅程》2022 in Singapore

Thank you for the support! Tickets for 10 September are SOLD OUT!

Event Details

The Long-awaited
Eric Chou [Odyssey ~ Journey] Tour
sets off from Singapore
on Sept 10 & 11, Singapore Indoor Stadium

Eric Chou, the "New King of Singer/Song-writer in Asia", will finally kickstart his much-awaited tour "The Odyssey Journey" from Singapore on September 10 and 11, for two consecutive shows at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

This is Eric Chou's first concert challenge to perform for 10,000 audiences on a four-sided stage in each show. Definitely a challenge of physical strength and singing ability as well, but our star is all ready!

Good news! Two weeks ago, we posted a "Guess Who is Next?" teaser. Thanks to fans for their active participation and support, we decided to give you a big reward. The special additional VIP package offers two events for just one price: “Eric Chou <The Moment> Fan Meeting” and a concert of “Eric Chou [Odyssey Journey]”All VIP ticket holders will be able to attend this closed-door fan meeting one month before the concert date. The seats for the fan meeting will be randomly assigned by the system. The date and venue of the event will be announced at a later date.

Yes, you read it right! Eric will be coming to Singapore early for this exclusive closed-door event. This is an unprecedented, unique promotion. Do you want an up-close interaction with Eric Chou? Do you wish to watch Eric’s Live performance in advance before the concert, then don’t miss it! Grab the limited ticket on June 10!

周兴哲[ Odyssey~旅程 ]巡回演唱会 – 新加坡站
9 月 10 日、11 日,新加坡室内体育馆,从新加坡启程
「亚洲创作新天王」Eric 周兴哲,终于落定於 9 月 10 日和 11 日,从新加坡正式启程。

再度站上新加坡室内体育馆的大舞台。一连两场的周兴哲《Odyssey 旅程》巡演将以四面台呈献;这也将是周兴哲首度挑战四面台的万人演唱会。 相当考体力和实力,但周兴哲都没在怕呢!周兴哲已摩拳擦掌的准备就绪。

好消息!两个星期前,我们跟粉丝们玩了一个小小 “Guess Who is Next?”的游戏。感谢粉丝们的踊跃参与和支持,我们决定给大家一个大大的奖励回馈。这次特别增设的 VIP 套票, 只需一个价格,就可以参加 2 场活动:一场“Eric 周兴哲<The Moment>粉丝见面会”和一场周兴哲《Odyssey 旅程》演唱会。 所有 VIP 门票持有者都能在演唱会日期的一个月前,出席这场闭门粉丝见面会。粉丝会的座位将由系统随机分配。活动日期和场地将在稍后公布。

是的,你没看错!Eric 将提前来新加坡出席这场独家的闭门活动。这是前所未有,独一无二的好康。小兴们想不想更靠近 Eric 做近距离的互动,想不想提前看到 Eric 的现场演唱,那就千萬不要錯過哦!6 月 10 日努力抢票吧!

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The layout below is not drawn to scale and is subject to change.1

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