23 Jan 2022 (Sun.)

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Auditorium

Reverberance is back again with our yearly affair of Chinese new year celebration but with a few interesting line up this time, featuring singers of different racial backgrounds including Jackson Teo who will be performing their very own rendition of Chinese new year songs as well as the premiere of an Alto Sheng Concerto written by local composer Sulwyn Lok. Get your tickets now if you are looking for a blast of an evening!

The layout below is not drawn to scale and is subject to change.

The layout below is not drawn to scale and is subject to change.1

The layout below is not drawn to scale and is subject to change.2


CAT 1: $26
CAT 2: $17

CAT 1: $34
CAT 2: $26
CAT 3: $17

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  • $1 booking fee per ticket for tickets priced below $20.00
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  3. The resale of ticket(s) at the same or any price in excess of the initial purchase price is prohibited.
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  2. Infants in arms and children under 3 years old will not be admitted into the performance venue.
  3. Adults and children 3 years old and above will each require a ticket for admission.
  4. No photography, videography, or audio and/or video recording allowed. iPads & tablets are not allowed.
  5. No outside food and beverage are allowed into the venue.
  6. Please adhere to the following safe management measures when visiting SCCC:
    • Please check-in to the centre and the performance venue via SafeEntry when you arrived at the Level 1 lobby.
    • Safe distancing of at least 1 meter between individuals must be maintained.
    • Groups are limited to a maximum of 2 pax. There should not be inter-mingling between groups and a safe distancing of 1 meter between groups must be maintained.
    • Masks must be worn at all times.

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